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Benjamin Joseph

Benjamin Joseph


"Benjamin is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 25 years of success spanning manufacturing and retail. Leveraging extensive experience leading successful enterprises and driving business acumen, Benjamin is a valuable asset for a company requiring advisory related to expansions, revenue development, cash flow management, or debt restructuring."

His broad areas of expertise include internal controls, accounting, strategic planning, process improvements, budgeting and forecasting, and cash flow management. Benjamin is a CFO who is passionate about company vision, drives revenue, and fuels growth and productivity throughout an enterprise.

For the entire duration of his executive career, Benjamin has held leadership positions with FIELDS, Kost Klip Manufacturing Ltd., NATC, and Pyrotek Inc. He has been responsible for building a share-point application to boost business intelligence, restructuring funding and improving balance sheets, and instituting one-touch reporting to improve KPI visibility and refine project tracking. Benjamin leads mentoring initiatives, taps Myers Briggs tests to drive talent optimization, and improves employee retention rates and customer satisfaction statistics across all measurable categories.

An industry leader, Benjamin specializes in distressed and growth business opportunities. In a previous role, he has restructured debt and finances to build cash flow positive organizations, served as a change agent in down and volatile markets, and implemented a series of measures over two years to achieve 22% growth. Benjamin engages shareholders, streamlines financial planning, and aligns departments. He is a leader in financial structures, talent optimization, and executive planning.

Benjamin obtained his Bachelor of Commerce from Wesley Men's College and is a Certified Human Resources Professional, an AICPA, CGMA, and CITP. Additionally, he is a Certified Myers Briggs practitioner and a Member of the Surrey Board of Trade. As a sought-after volunteer, Benjamin donates his time to Back in Motion and other local, nonprofit organizations.