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Why Turnaround Consulting Inc.

Everything we do at Turnaround Consulting Inc. is with the purpose of helping our clients achieve their end goal of maximising profits and shareholder value.

Be it evaluating a business, raising capital, advising on an acquisition, preparing for a merger, debt restructuring or budgeting and forecasting, we offer our clients clear strategies and recommendations that are based on the entire business lifecycle, the short and long-term outlook of the industry sector and the markets they operate in.

We begin with an assessment and analysis of our client's current situation as well as past & present performance to understand the issues they are facing. We study behaviours, challenge assumptions and lend perspectives. We sift through data. We uncover insights. We innovate. We strategize. We catalyse change to drive tangible results and desired outcomes.

Once we formalize plans, we implement, we listen to feedback, we revise, and we ensure executional excellence by monitoring its implementation to the very end. Roadblocks and challenges are expected, we will work a way around it.

We will turn it around. Depending on the engagement, we can work with your clients, vendors, banks, authorities to effect turnaround with all stakeholders.

We understand Human Capital and the importance of your employees in tough times. We have qualified resources to work on communication, engagement and motivational plans with your employees. It really is always about the people.

We help with communication strategy. It is imperative that the right message is communicated, be it to employees, vendors or clients as the case maybe. Being empathetic helps.

Our new age, cutting-edge technology platform and tools allow for sophisticated client engagement and collaboration while ensuring absolute adherence to security and compliance norms.

We help businesses succeed by engineering a turnaround. "U" or "L" shape turnaround, we are here to help you re-write your story.